Klips 7/2012

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President: Harry Leftwich
Vice President: Col Lutz
Secretary: Glenda Threlfall
Assistant Secretary: Maryann Davies
Treasurer: Brenchley Wright
Klips Editor: Jorg Fedler


Competitions: Colin Usher and
Garth Threlfall
Library: Valerie Leftwich
Technical Officer:
Neville Brooks




Tribute for Alan Barber

Tribute for Alan George Barber
29.06.1929 - 10.09.2012

It was with much sadness we received the news of the passing of Alan Barber - a Life Member of our Club. He was one of the "Northern Boys" as they were known - our name for those members who made the trip down to Mudgeeraba twice a month from the northern parts of our Gold Coast.

Alan was a very loyal member, and he and Joyce always joined in many of the outings. We recall how much pleasure his 'Aljoy' travel videos have given us over the years, with Joyce always doing her part with a very well-researched commentary on the many places they visited.
He will be sadly missed, and our thoughts are with Joyce at this time.


Tribute for Harry Victor Pope

Tribute for Harry Victor Pope
23.03.1926 - 17.09.2012

Again with much sadness we received the news of the passing of Harry Pope - another Life Member of our Club and another of our "Northern Boys" Harry had been an enthusiastic and loyal member of our Club for almost 15 years, having been Vice President and serving on the Committee for some years - you might say he was the Club's "Elder Statesman".

Harry never went anywhere without a video camera in his hand and documented all his many trips. We remember the many workshops held at their home, with Marie making us all welcome - and who could forget Harry's wonderful Christmas Lights - so many good memories.

He will be very sadly missed by all his friends, and our thoughts are with Marie at this time.

President's Report

Vice President Colin Lutz Hi Everyone,

This has been a sad month for our club with the passing of Alan Barber and Harry Pope, both life members who have contributed a great deal over the years. I attended Alan's funeral and our member Claude McCasker gave a very heartfelt eulogy for him.

Many of our members, including myself have been quite sick over the past month with a virus that has visited Queensland with vengeance. This was most unfortunate as many of us who were intending to go to Brisbane for the Brisbane Movie Makers Awards night were unable to attend. However, congratulations to Colin who took out first place, Garth & Glenda third, Joe equal fourth and Jorg and Val for doing well. It is that time of the year again when our club has its Annual General Meeting, Glenda has sent out the list of nominations but if anyone else would like to become a part of our Committee please feel free to let me know and I will make sure that you are nominated. We have a large committee which spreads the load so no job is too large.

Thanks to Col Lutz for organizing the workshop this month, I know one very upset lady who could not attend because of sickness and I believe there were quite a few others. Maybe over the next six months Col can see his way for a repetition of this workshop.

The drought on the Gold Coast has broken and of course why are we not all surprised, all we have to do it organize an outing for the club and it is almost a guarantee for rain. However, Thursday is the day and hopefully the sun will shine so we can enjoy and film "Swell".

Time is getting closer for our interclub weekend on the 27th and 28th October. Thanks to Garth and Glenda a great day is planned for the Saturday at Currumbin Wild Life Sanctuary. We will be able to film things that you do not normally get to see which will be great. Sunday will also be nice as you will love the trip into Italy and France at Emerald Lakes, followed by lunch at our house where you can enjoy the view of the Gold Coast without the hustle and bustle of being there.

Now everyone is feeling a lot better get those entries going for Nature Night which is the 9th of November. This is usually a good night with very interesting movies of a high standard. Hoping to see many of you and our friends from Brisbane and Toowoomba in October at the Currumbin Wild Life Sanctuary.

Happy videoing - Harry Leftwich - President.

Secretarie's Report

Secretary Glenda Threfall The year seem to be flying past even faster - I can't believe where the last few months have gone. A sad time this month, when many Club members gathered to say goodbye to Alan Barber - another of our "Northern Boys" gone. Memories will live on in Alan's videos. Our thoughts too are with another "northern boy" Harry Pope, who is battling serious illness.

It's great to look back at videos from the past. Some nights when we have a smaller roll-up (there has been some nasty viruses around this year) and not too many videos to show, we can call up videos from past years on the juke box and enjoy them once again. We are always wanting to see new videos of course, but so many good ones deserve to be seen again and enjoyed.

The recent Brisbane Movie Makers Awards night was a great success we heard. Unfortunately due to illness, many of our members who had wanted to attend could not make it. However, Colin and Jan Usher represented the Club and congratulations go to Colin who took out the first prize with his video "Discover Central Australia". Our Club had five entries in this competition, which was open to all affiliated Clubs. Garth & I came third with "The Dam Story", Joe Davies was equal fourth with his "Great Ocean Road" and Jorg and Val did well too - all our Club entries were shown on the night.

Col and Lorraine Lutz's Photoshop workshop went well - again unfortunately due to illness, a little smaller than hoped for - but everyone learned a lot and voted it a great success. Col used his little "Apple TV" gadget (which he demonstrated at Club last month) so everyone could see what was happening on the big TV.

It's our Annual meeting coming up at the end of this month - nominations were called for for the committee, but it doesn't look as if there will be many changes. I hope that means you are satisfied with what the committee is doing. We are always looking for new ideas for the Club, so if you have any, please bring them forward at the annual meeting - you don't have to be on the committee to bring up some suggestions that might improve our Club.

A must on your calendar is our Inter-Club weekend on 27th and 28th October. We are the hosts to the other South Queensland Clubs, and we would like to see as many members as possible join in at least some of the activities, even if you can't manage everything. There will be great video opportunities at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Saturday, an opportunity for a nice dinner in the Sawrey Room before the screening of videos from the three Clubs. Sunday morning we can have a nice relaxing morning around the Emerald Lakes precinct before a Bar-B-Q at Val & Harry's home and say farewell to our friends - good opportunities for some 'video talk' with other Clubs.

Don't forget Nature Night coming up fast - open to all S.E. Qld Clubs - entries close on 9th November.

Happy videoing

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