Klips 5/2012

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President: Harry Leftwich
Vice President: Col Lutz
Secretary: Glenda Threlfall
Assistant Secretary: Maryann Davies
Treasurer: Brenchley Wright
Klips Editor: Jorg Fedler


Competitions: Colin Usher and
Garth Threlfall
Library: Valerie Leftwich
Technical Officer:
Neville Brooks




President Harry Leftwich Glenda and Garth Threlfall

Club Members

outing at Twin Falls in
Springbrook Hinterland Gold Coast

President's Report

Vice President Colin Lutz The major problem I face in making videos is finding a project that is interesting and attainable.
I am also very impatient and can't handle anything that takes a long period of time to shoot.
This isn't anything to be proud of, it is just the way I am. Consequently, I don't make many videos.

Some years ago, I made one for "Nature Night" called Human Nature and it covered the workings of Sailability. This organization provides the means for disabled people to experience the joy of sailing and gets them away from the drudge of normal life.
Sailability is heavily endorsed by Rotary and clubs all over Australia donate boats or funds to this worthwhile cause.
To make these clubs aware of the project, my video has been copied nearly 2000 times and sent all over Australia and to clubs in New Zealand to show them what can be achieved by enthusiastic volunteers.

Committee members have visited clubs and using the video, have suggested the formation of other branches of Sailability in their particular areas. This has led to quite a few new groups around the country.

The other day I was contacted by one of the guys I knew who was on the committee and asked if I could make an updated version of the video as quite a few things and methods had changed. This was a golden opportunity for me to go and shoot the club as it is now and make sure that I covered all the things that would be important to getting their message across.

I have taken the shots and now my job is to edit it in a more modern way. This is a great project as far as I am concerned and I am suggesting to you all that maybe you have made a video for someone in the past that could do with a refresh and to get yourself motivated, go back and offer to update.
Perhaps you might know of a similar organization that would benefit by having a video made and you could offer to make one.

Happy Shooting
Col Lutz
Vice President

Secretarie's Report

Secretary Glenda Threfall rather quiet time of the year at Club, with many of our members away on trips, and others preparing to leave - it's a good time of the year for travelling north. Last Club night, given the atrocious weather at the time, I think it was our smallest gathering yet - but having said that - the one before that was one of our best attended for many years.

All this tripping around will no doubt bring lots of opportunities to gather footage for a Nature video - our annual Nature competition comes up in November - so it's never too early to start collecting some footage which can be turned into an interesting video - we need plenty of entries. This competition is also open to the other S.E Queensland Clubs, so more of a challenge. Any length up to 12 minutes - plenty of short videos ensure a great night.

Before Nature night though is our Inter Club weekend on 27/28th October, and our Club is the host for this weekend - so put that date in your diaries and try to join in at least some of the activities - it is always a fun weekend. The committee is presently planning the weekend, and will advise everyone of the details as soon as finalised.

The Club now has a new Blue Ray player, which has proved very satisfactory, playing the DVDs that our older one refused to play - so here's hoping we don't have any further trouble with people being disappointed with their DVD not playing for some reason or other.

Our last workshop was a little different - it took the form of a "critique" on some of the Alvin videos, where we used the judging sheets used by the three Alvin judges and judged a couple of the videos. Mostly we agreed with the judges, but on some occasions we definitely did not - and it was interesting to see that most people came up with very similar judging results. It was a worthwhile exercise - even if it was not your video being judged - I think everyone learnt something . Thank you Jorg for running the workshop and thank you and Gisela for your hospitality - Gisela accompanied some of the ladies on a walk during the morning as well - so everyone enjoyed the time together. It's probably worthwhile having another "critique" workshop - there's more time then to do it properly than just trying to fit it in on a Club night.

Happy videoing - and remember Jorg's advice when you go out anywhere - DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!


Tips and Tricks


The 180 Degree Rule

is a cinematography guideline that states that two characters in a scene should maintain the same left/right relationship to one another. When the camera passes over the invisible axis connecting the two subjects, it is called crossing the line and the shot becomes what is called a reverse angle

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