Klips 3/2012

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President: Harry Leftwich
Vice President: Col Lutz
Secretary: Glenda Threlfall
Assistant Secretary: Maryann Davies
Treasurer: Brenchley Wright
Klips Editor: Jorg Fedler


Competitions: Colin Usher and
Garth Threlfall
Library: Valerie Leftwich
Technical Officer:
Neville Brooks


Congratulation to Joy and Laurie Gray for being awarded the Most Improved Videomakers in our Club by FAMM. Thanks to Garth Threlfall, Col Lutz and Colin Usher for preparing the videos for our Alvin Night. Thanks to our Secretary Glenda Threlfall who always connects all the dots.


Club Outing

Club Outing

Hinze Dam Nerang Gold Coast

From left to right:
- unknown
- Glenda Threlfall
- Garth THrelfall
- D.Maryann Davies
- Claude McCasker
- Dawn McCasker
- Stella Lonergan
- Laurie Lonergan

President's Report

President Col Lutz As Harry is away this month, I am writing the President's report. The club is enjoying relatively good attendances each night and while we haven't been swamped by the number of videos brought in, we still have a good night. I would like to see more members making videos of course, but it isn't always easy to get the time needed.

As more people are upgrading to High Definition there is a need for more workshops to get the best results for showing their masterpieces at the club. We prefer to get .M2t files that will play on our jukebox and that is the simplest way to see your movie in HD.
Blu-ray burners and disks are still relatively expensive but HD disks can be made with certain programs and burnt to standard DVD's. These play very well in our Blu-Ray player. The latest workshops have been dedicated to getting everyone familiar with this process.
While the workshops are covering computer work, it really makes sense to keep the Mac and PC ones separate. Once we start talking about videoing, then there is no need to split.

We have covered sound many times previously but I think that it needs to be done again. In these times, technology changes so quickly that new gadgets and programs come up so often that we all need to keep up with them as much as possible.
Workshops are really great for sharing knowledge and quite often the person running it learns as well from the attendees. As computer rooms are often limited in room for more than a few people, it would be terrific to find a venue to conduct a workshop for the whole club. Any ideas?

As it would be fantastic to get a big crowd at Alvin, don't forget to ask friends and neighbours along at the end of the month. The venue is really good and will hold a large audience. Sound and vision will be of the highest quality on the excellent equipment available to us.

See you there Col Lutz Vice President

Secretaries's Report

Secretary Glenda Threfall our new Club website has been the subject of much attention and has drawn many favourable comments. Thank you Jorg - great work! So far it has also been responsible for at least one new member joining our Club - hopefully it may attract more.

We are coming up to the time of the year when our numbers on Club nights fall a little - people start travelling. Already President Harry and wife Val are in England, and Treasurer Brenchley and wife Dawn are tripping round Europe - and soon others will be taking to the road to all parts of Australia. A bonus of course is that we should see some great videos later in the year.

Our Club outings have been spectacularly unsuccessful so far this year. With the weather washing out the first two attempts at a day out, a short trip to the newly re-opened Hinze Dam looked promising with a fine day dawning - but as you know, we were foiled by a "Closed for Maintenance" notice - and that only 3 months after it opened! However, we shall try again!

Workshops have been worthwhile this year - the practice of sometimes splitting workshops between the increasing Mac users and the PC users seems to work - smaller workshops make it easier for everyone to get their problems solved.

Don't forget to ask family and friends along to our Alvin Night on 30th May at All Saints Anglican School and participate in the judging for the Audience Choice Award - it is always interesting to see whether that agrees with the Judges' choice.

Happy Videoing

Tips and Tricks

This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world.






Hinze Dam Outing



Keep In Touch

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