Klips 2/2012

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President: Harry Leftwich
Vice President: Col Lutz
Secretary: Glenda Threlfall
Assistant Secretary: Maryann Davies
Treasurer: Brenchley Wright
Klips Editor: Jorg Fedler


Competitions: Colin Usher and
Garth Threlfall
Library: Valerie Leftwich
Technical Officer:
Neville Brooks


Congratulation to Joy and Laurie Gray for being awarded the Most Improved Videomakers in our Club by FAMM. Thanks to Garth Threlfall, Col Lutz and Colin Usher for preparing the videos for our Alvin Night. Thanks to our Secretary Glenda Threlfall who always connects all the dots.

Klips 2/2012

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Workshop at Val's and Harry's Place, 31.March 2012

Christmas Party 2011

at Val's and Harry's place

top image left to right:

Glenda Threlfall
Harry Leftwich
Lorraine Lutz
Colin Lutz

bottom image left to right:

Jorg Fedler
Joe Davies
Valerie Leftwitch
Garth Threlfall

President's Report

President Harry Leftwich How quickly time goes by it is nearly Easter and I know a lot of you are planning to go on holiday shortly.

I hope you all have a great time and do not forget to bring back lots of good video to show at the club. Val and I will be going away late April for four weeks when we will visit London and Norway, I guess I am back to being 1st Gaffer again, carrying the tripod!

We had a quick update on the FAMM Convention which was recently held in Canberra, from Colin Usher. Colin found it very interesting and was pleased to report that his video The Collector came third with Peter Johnson's That's Nature getting 8th place and Garth and Glenda's Restless Shores taking 9th place.
Well done to all, it was a great effort to get in the top 10 with three of the 5 videos that we submitted.

Recently we have had two workshops, one at Garth's place and the subject there was moving paths. This was most interesting with Garth showing us how we can make a still picture move.
Today we had our second workshop at my place and it was a question and answer workshop with Col Luz and Jorg Fedler. It was most interesting with Col giving many tips on making better videos. Jorg gave a session on the Club's new website and how to access it. It is a wonderful website with a lot of information for members and would be members. We are indeed very lucky to have two such knowledgeable members to give us advice and pass on their skills to us.

Don't forget that Alvin closes on the 2nd May and we want as many videos as we can get so that we can have a really good movie night on the 30th May. I give a warm welcome to our new members and hope that you get what you are looking for from the club. Don't forget that you can ring me if you have a problem and whilst I probably cannot solve it for you; I will certainly find someone who can help.
Keep those assignments coming it is great to see the special effort that members are making to do these.

Happy videoing - Harry

Secretaries's Report

Secretary Glenda Threfall t is very encouraging for the Club to see we have another two new members - we hope that they will find that the Club can give them what they are looking for in video making.

As well as our new look Klips, we have a new look website too that Jorg Fedler has been developing. By the time you read this, it should be just about complete. There is plenty to look at, and better still, Jorg has assured us it will keep changing, and keep right up to date.
We do urge all current members to register on the website as members - your personal
details are all secure.

The FAMM convention is over now and Harry has told you what we have heard so far.
We really look forward to hearing all about it from our members that attended.
They hopefully will bring back some video record of Canberra and its surrounds.

So far this year it has been pleasing to see we have had plenty of videos to show each night. We do ask that
on video nights, where we have a chance to show longer holiday videos, if there are a number of videos on that night, you could break them up into sections of 10-12 minutes, with the second section kept until the following video night. This gives everyone a chance to have their video shown, without making the night too late - we have to consider our over the border members when they are on daylight saving time.

Please let your committee know what sort of workshops you would like - we cant plan if we don't know what people want. If you would like to - have a workshop at your home. We do have some very experienced videomakers in the Club, but It is not a matter of teacher and pupils, our workshops are just a get together and swapping of ideas - everyone can learn from one another.

Alvin closing date is Wednesday 2nd May - so time to get started on those videos. The competition is just for our Club members, but of course everyone is welcome to our Alvin Night on Wednesday 30th May at All Saints Anglican School.

Happy Videoing

Tips and Tricks


Published on 5 Nov 2012

Griffin reports
- on the RED camera price drop,
- Disney's purchase of Star Wars,
- 10 ways to smash a pumpkin,
- a DIY car-camera mount,
- and top 10 tips for faking it—making amateur video look professional!

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