Klips 1/2012

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President: Harry Leftwich
Vice President: Col Lutz
Secretary: Glenda Threlfall
Assistant Secretary: Maryann Davies
Treasurer: Brenchley Wright
Klips Editor: Jorg Fedler


Competitions: Colin Usher and
Garth Threlfall
Library: Valerie Leftwich
Technical Officer:
Neville Brooks


Nature Night
Award 2011

Dorothy Hartnett

Klips 1/2012

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Surfers Paradise Gold Coast

Christmas Party 2011

at Val's and Harry's place

Top-Left: Neville Brooks, Tony Pullit, Jan Usher, Dawn & Brenchley Wright, Gisela Fedler
Top-Right: Jorg Fedler, Colin Usher
Middle-Left: Tony Pullit, Gisela Fedler, Jan Usher
Middle-Right: Joy & Laurie Gray
Bottom-Left: D.Maryann & Joe Davies
Bottom-Right: Jeanette Henry, Jan Usher, Gila Fedler, Keith Henry, Harry Leftwich

President's Report

President Harry LeftwichAlthough it is a little late Happy New Year to everyone in the club, I hope it is a happy, healthy one for everyone.

As Glenda has reported Jorg Fedler has stepped up to the job of editor of Klips, and I thank him sincerely for this. Val has being doing this for a couple of years but both of us are really busy and with so much time spent away it is very difficult to get this publication out on time. There is no doubt in my mind that he will go a great job.

Last club night I had the pleasure of presenting Col Lutz with a Life Membership, an honour that is so well deserved. Col is always ready to help anyone who is in trouble with their technical problems. I know he has helped Val and many more, over the three years that we have known him. Thank you Col for a job well done.

Once again our Christmas party was a great success it is so good to have the services of D.J.Tony, he certainly makes the evening rock. We made sure as he walked out the door that we booked him for next year.

I know how time creeps up on you, or is it just me, but don’t forget that Alvin is just around the corner. If the response to Nature Night is anything to go by we will have a great evening of videos and the judges will be very busy.

On the subject of Alvin, please bear in mind the problem we have had with copyright music, sadly this cost us two members last year and a lot of stress for the people who screen the movies before sending them off to the judges.

Unfortunately Val and I will not be able to go to Canberra for the FAMM Convention because shortly after that we are going to London for four weeks and as much as we would like to, we cannot do both. However, four of our members are going and I am sure you will all have a great time. Canberra is a great city and well worth a visit, there are so many things to do there and great for photography and video.

We have a club outing planned for the 7th March, to the Crystal Castle at Byron Bay, just 45 minutes from the Gold Coast. Hopefully we will have good weather for this event.

We are always looking for ideas on where to go for an outing, so if you have a place that you would like to visit please let me know and we will do our best to go there. I thought it would be nice to have a weekend in Grafton at the time of the Jacaranda festival, maybe not the weekend of the festival but maybe the one after.

Attached to this edition of Klips are photos of the Christmas Party and the winners of the Nature Night awards; I hope you like them.

Next week we will have our committee meeting and at that time I plan to get a calendar for the year in place. We can always add to it but I know people would like to know the time and dates of Alvin, Nature Night etc., meanwhile take care of yourselves and I look forward to meeting you all on Club Nights this year.

Best Wishes.
Harry Leftwich – President.

New Member

Jorg Fedler

Jorg Fedler In my teens, movies always captured my attention, especially if they had some historical background. History often has some unexplained mysteries that make good screening.
My favorite movies also had to have a positive note to it because I like positivity. It makes life so much easier.
I love witty scripts in all sorts of genre, subtly written over the top. That's what's all about when you watch a movie: sit back, relax and forget the daily routine.

Looking back, my impressions of well scripted, positive movies, were a door opener to play around in the field of movie making.
It was always in the back of my mind, however, never realized until 1995 when I bought my first camera, a Hi-8 analog Sharp, which already had a monitor screen at the back. What a great toy it was.
My first movie was filmed the same year. It was about a paragliding competition in Manilla NSW, "The Manilla Paragliding Open". Running for about 45 minutes, it was a real challenge as to hard drive space, editing software and a good video card.

When I make a movie I usually write a script or an outline to tell a story. My stories can be told by either a voiceover, comments or with an appropriate soundtrack that highlights scenes at the appropriate mood.

Apart from movie making, my other interests in which I am actively involved are flying paragliders, web site design, painting and of course, my 35 years partnership with Gila.

Secretary's Report

Secretary Glenda ThrefallWe are still to have our first committee meeting of the year, with some changes in the committee.
Ian Paper has decided to move on, and we have a brand new editor in Jorg Fedler. Val Leftwich has done a sterling job over the last couple of years, but as everyone knows, she is a very busy person with a lot of outside commitments, so she was delighted when Jorg stepped forward.
We also welcome aboard Colin Usher - and we look forward to the new ideas that he and Jan and Jorg and Gisela may be able to bring to the Club.

It is wonderful to see relatively new members getting involved. At our last Club night we had the pleasure of a visitor who was a foundation member of the Club back in 1989 and its very first Treasurer - Gloria Bailey - we knew her then as Gloria Fletcher - she is planning to rejoin.
Col Lutz was also presented with his Life Membership certificate. This is not lightly given now, it is not just a matter of being in the Club for 10 years - although that is quite an achievement - but for outstanding service to the Club over 10 years– well deserved in Col's case of course.

We were saddened to hear about the death of Theo Huygens Tholen over in Holland. Theo was a most enthusiastic member for many years, and of course gave the memorial shield for Nature Night in memory of his wife Els.

Plenty of great videos were shown at our first two meetings of the year. We are planning workshops for the year - with quite a few Mac users now in the Club, we need to split any editing workshops. However, unless we know what people want at these workshops, it is hard to plan – so please let your committee know what needs to be covered. The days of big combined workshops are past - everyone seems to have different systems and smaller groups seem to be the way to go.

The FAMM convention is coming up fast - we have at least 4 people going down, unfortunately Garth & I will not be able to make it this year. The Club has sent down 5 videos for entry for the Federation Shield and 5 Best Competition, and we know of 1 one minute video that has been made - we are hoping for others to send down.
After our first committee meeting we will have some dates for the year - such as Alvin - tentatively at the end of May - so time to start thinking about what you can do for a special video for that.

Happy Videoing

Tips and Tricks

This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world.

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